Earn 6$ to 10$ (400-800 Rs) Online Daily |Without any Investment in Few minutes

By | 17th January 2018

Earn 6$ to 10$ (400-800 Rs) Online Daily

Hello friends, today I here to telling about that how can you Earn 6$ to 10$ (400-800 Rs) Online Daily?? So friends as you know very well that nowadays all earning tricks are going to expire, keeping this in mind, today I am going to share a trick with you that you can definitely earn from 8$ to 10$ easily in a day in few minutes So before telling about the tricks, you have to know about AdMob. Now the question arises in your mind is that what AdMob is.

Earn 6$ to 10$ (400-800 Rs) Online Daily

AdMob is Google’s mobile advertising platform specifically designed for mobile applications, while AdMob may be upset about users who have disrupted their game through AdMob ads, providing mobile games for free to mobile advertisers, because developers can earn revenue from AdMob advertising instead. So friends by using AdMob account you can place your ads code in a few applications (that ads code can be changed) that is provided below from this page. Don’t forget to download it from below section of this page if you want to Earn 6$ to 10$ (400-800 Rs) Online Daily. So, without wasting any time, let us know in detail about trick.

Procedure to create AdMob Account

Let’s have a look on these simple steps to create AdMob Account:

  • First of all you have to visit https://www.google.co.in/admob/. Now you need to click on Sign Up button which is visible at the right of top.
  • After clicking on sign up, you entered an email and password from which you want to create an AdMob account.
  • After that Select your country (India), Select time zone [(UTC+05:30) Kolkata] and Select currency [US Dollar (USD $)] then tick on AdSense Terms & Conditions then click on “CREATE ON ADMOB ACCOUNT”. Then if you want to receive any notification then tick on yes if you don’t want to receive any then click on no (whatever you want).
  • Now homepage of admob account appearing on your screen, now you have to click on “Apps” on the left side of homepage then click on “ADD YOUR FIRST APP”. After this you will have an option that says you have published your app on Google Play or the App Store? You have to click on “NO”.
  • After click on “no” you have to enter your app information like App Name, Platform.
  • In app name you can give whatever you want to name your app and tick on “android” in platform section then click on “ADD” button then click on “NEXT: CREATE AD UNIT”.
  • After this you have to select Ad Unit like banner, Interstitial etc. (It is mentioned below that how many banner and interstitials units were to be created in which app.)

Apps that ads code will  can be changed

Friends download these all apps to earn more and more…

Ti 1 – http://bit.ly/ti1apk
Ti 2 – http://bit.ly/ti2apk
Ti 3 – http://bit.ly/ti3apk
Ti 4 – http://bit.ly/Ti4apk
Ti 5 – http://bit.ly/ti5apk
Ti 6 – http://bit.ly/6Tiapk
Ti 7 – http://bit.ly/ti7apk
Ti 8 – http://bit.ly/ti8apk
Ti 9 – http://bit.ly/ti9apk
Ti 10 – http://bit.ly/ti10apk
Ti 11 – http://bit.ly/ti11apk
Ti 12 – http://bit.ly/ti12apk
Ti 13 – http://bit.ly/ti13apk
Ti 14 – http://bit.ly/ti14apk
Ti 15 – http://bit.ly/ti15apk
Ti 16 – http://bit.ly/tiapk16
Ti 17 – http://bit.ly/ti17apk
Ti 18 – http://bit.ly/ti18apk

Numbers of Ads Unit to be created in Admob Account

To help you guys, we have told here how many Banner ads (ban) units and how many Instantial (In) ads units will be created in the App. So note this very carefully…

Ti 1 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 2 – 1 ban 8 in
Ti 3 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 4 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 5 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 6 – 1  ban
Ti 7 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 8 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 9 –  1 ban 1 in
Ti 10 – 2 ban 1 in
Ti 11 – 6 in
Ti 12 – 6 in
Ti 13 – 6 in
Ti 14 – 1 ban
Ti 15 – 6 in
Ti 16 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 17 – 1 ban 1 in
Ti 18 – 6 in

What is the trick to Earn Without any Investment in Few Minutes?

Friends, now you have been raising the question in your mind that how can you earn 6$ to 10$ a day by creating an AdMob Account?? So here I will tell you the complete trick with which you can Earn 6$ to 10$ (400-800 Rs) Online Daily. Read this points carefully if you want earn without any Investment:

  • First of all you have to download and install all apps that are mentioned above.
  • Now Download “APK Editor Pro” by clicking here.
  • Open APK Editor Pro and click on “Select APK from App” and select the apps (From the apps you downloaded from here) you want to edit the ads code.
  • For Example: Select Ti 9 App in APK Editor then click on full edit after that select Default from the top of “full edit” screen.
  • After this you have to find that where will be ads code placed. (Find Banner Ads Unit Id & Instential Unit id).
  • Now open your admob account and copy the “Banner Ads Unit” and “Instential Unit id” of Ti 9 App and replaced with old ads unit in apk editor pro.
  • Now click on save and install the new version of this app and enjoy it.
  • When you install your app you will see the ads on your app screen. So friends don’t click on every ad remember to view 15 or more ads and click in one ad in one time.

Important Point to Remember

As you know very well in India the CPC (Cost per Click) is very low of ad sense. So if you want to increase CPC you have to change the server of your data connection by using different different vpn (like: US, UK etc.).

Watch this video to get complete details:

Part 1

Friends in adsense account you have to verify your billing address. When your monthly income reached 10$ or more than a pin is generated and it will be sent to your address. When you received this pin enter it in your Account and verify your billing address.

Watch Part 2 of this video to know about Adsense Account and Payment Procedure

We hope that now you can easily Earn 6$ to 10$ (400-800 Rs) Online Daily with the help of this trick. If you have any problem during this process you can ask your questions in comment box…!!!

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